Year: 2015

Grota do Inferno

after reaching “lagoa do canário” at s.miguel (azores) an astonish view of “lagoa das sete cidades” can be achieved. an intense embrace of nature welcomes us, even in a foggy day as when we were there for the first time. hidden from the main road, sometimes when the gates to the “lagoa do canário” are closed you have to go around them to get to this viewpoint. s.miguel, azores | may, 2015

Monte Palace Hotel

monte palace hotel, at the highest point of “vista do rei”, was long time ago the biggest and lustful hotel ever built at  s. miguel (azores). it was certainly built up out of the time and rapidly went on disgrace. in the last years it was brutally vandalized, remaining its foundations and human traces of destruction. s.miguel, azores | may, 2015

Gold at sunset

living at “porto” for some years, both of us can’t, at least for now, imagine our life in other city.  it’s not the same as when we got here, but there’s something constant and inexplicable with the golden light at sunset that warms and welcomes us to a long stay. “miradouro da vitória” is a privileged spot to appreciate this never ending light that everyone should experience. porto | january 2015