Month: June 2016

A chapel of love

located by the south shore of “lagoa das furnas” you can find the amazing neo-gothic chapel of our lady of the victories. built on basalt, tuff and stained glass windows, the chapel emerges in the limit between the lake and the dense green forest; always involved in great mystery, as the brume in the island. it was an order of “josé do canto”, a local and important gentleman-farmer, in the 19th century, following a severe illness of his beloved wife. she unavoidably died and was buried there. later after his dead and by his wish, “josé do canto” was buried in the chapel next to his wife. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Pineapple express

it takes almost two years to growth a single pineapple. this is long process cultivated in whitewashed greenhouses with daily care. “arruda” is one of the many plantations near ponta delgada that you can freely visit and walk around the greenhouses; if lucky, a local worker will probably give you a guide on how to to take care of a pineapple. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Ponta Delgada

with more than 500 years, ponta delgada, built on black basalt and chalk painted walls, gets a darker mood in the rainy days. nonetheless, it isn’t enough to let us give up to walk around and feel the contrast of this monochromatic city with the luxuriant green of the island. s.miguel, azores | may 2015