Month: June 2016

Pineapple express

it takes almost two years to growth a single pineapple. this is long process cultivated in whitewashed greenhouses with daily care. “arruda” is one of the many plantations near ponta delgada that you can freely visit and walk around the greenhouses; if lucky, a local worker will probably give you a guide on how to to take care of a pineapple. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Ponta Delgada

with more than 500 years, ponta delgada, built on black basalt and chalk painted walls, gets a darker mood in the rainy days. nonetheless, it isn’t enough to let us give up to walk around and feel the contrast of this monochromatic city with the luxuriant green of the island. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

A tea by the atlantic

take a seat at porto formoso tea factory to drink tea with the atlantic all over you. this is one of the main tea plantations in the island, also in the north coast like gorreana tea factory, and one of our favourite spots when we are there due the astonish view you have. in s.miguel (azores) you will find the only tea plantations in europe, courtesy of the island’s balmy climate for sure. “tea varieties are determined according to where on the bush the leaves are picked from: orange pekoe, the most delicately flavored of the three, comes from the bud and first shoot; pekoe, a less-flavored variety, is from the second leaf; and broken leaf, the least aromatic of the three, is made from fragments of the remaining leaves” tip: 1 teaspoon of leafs for 1l of hot (not boiling water, once this will shrink the leafs) is the key for a perfect tea, which you can enjoy after 3-4 minutes infusing. s.miguel, azores | may 2015


last month we went to paris. it wasn’t our first time, but yet it was certainly the first time we really enjoy the city as locals. clichy is a famous neighborhood known to have a lot of sex-shops and the monumental moulin rouge. who don’t remember nicole kidman playing a courtesan from moulin rouge? memorable. in contrast to this sexy and electric place, just by the straight street on the right side of the moulin rouge we can get to the montmartre were amélie poulain will always live in our minds and hearts.  

Vinyl Collection

it is true that vinyl is in vogue. if one day a vinyl record was a necessary way to listen music with some quality, today has become a way to complete the concept of an album. it is also true that a vinyl collection can be an expensive taste, and so every vinyl should be carefully chosen and treated in the same way. recently we discovered that vinyl records can be pressed (made) in different places and mastered by different people leading to different sound quality. every vinyl record have a “fingerprint” (a code) which tell who pressed it. for the amateurs, the best way to choose wisely is to search for opinions of other buyers. quit tip. first press are more valuable than re-issues. we can find a matrix number written in the vinyl between the last track and the label. usually, if a matrix number ends in -1 it means is a first press (pressed directly from the mother disc).

Primavera Sound BCN 2016

second year at primavera sound barcelona. we missed radiohead, but there were amazing concerts there. it’s quite impossible not to enjoy music like this. what we saw: todd terje, kamasi washington, tame impala, lcd soundsystem u.s. girls, brian wilson sing pet sounds, explosions in the sky, deerhunter, pj harvey, sigur rós barcelona, spain | june 2016