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Radiohead – In Rainbows

this is for sure one of the best records we have bought for our collection. in 2007, we got the cd version of radiohead‘s “in rainbows” and back then it sounded amazing. today with the collection we had to have the vinyl version. this is, certainly, the best album radiohead ever made. this vinyl was bought in a little shop at porto, portugal called louie louie and we were amazed when saw that was one of the first 2007 pressings from xl recordings, pressed directly from the master. the sound is amazingly clean.

Photo 26-06-16, 16 33 25

in rainbows is a 2007 album, which features amazing tracks like “house of cards”; “15 steps”; “jigsaw falling into place”; “nude”“reckoner” or “bodysnatchers”.

Photo 26-06-16, 16 35 31

don’t get any big ideas
they’re not gonna happen
you paint yourself white
and fill up with noise
there’ll be something missing
and now that you found it
it’s gone

Photo 26-06-16, 16 33 50

in rainbows, radiohead, 2007

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