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Top of the hill

located at the northern side of regents park, primrose hill offers the best panoramic view of london. don’t let the mist or cold take the better, even so london skyline is extraordinary and is worthy of a little effort. this grassy hill is a special place; at some point we are able to feel an inexplicable peace and freeddom. william blake wrote about it and its engraved in a stone there – i have conversed with the spiritual sun. i saw him on primrose hill. london | december 2014

Taste on the go

borough market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in london. its a mandatory spot for food lovers. the market is full of fresh and tasty food, being almost impossible don’t stop at each vendor and try a bit to everything. its nice to see how simple food and rich products brings people together laughing and sharing experiences. borought market & southwark | december 2014

Arrábida, from the top

arrábida is not so iconic as the porto’s iron bridge of luis I,  although appears in the background of the majority of its stereotypical photos. work of edgar cardoso, completed in 1963, arrábida bridge has a privileged position as it stands at the end of douro, meeting the atlantic. we guess, as for us, that everyone who walk along the river wanted to climb it. since last month, that’s possible thanks to the project porto bridge climb. pretty safe and easy, there are only 262 steps to the top, enough to be 270m above the river. from the top of the concrete-arch the view is surprising – the city has some nice spots from where you can admire it, but from here porto looks amazing and brighter as an extension of river douro. its quite an intimist belvedere with an unexpected silence, once we could not listen the cars above or the city noise. porto | july 2016


its, beyond question, the longest night in porto. friends and family reunite to celebrate s. joão in a popular fashion walking around the city to find a nice spot to mount their grill to roast sardines and pork, drinking some wine and sharing stories and laughs. popular or portuguese folk music is essential, all the hits must be played to cheer everyone up. the bravest moment of the night is to launch a s.joão ballon. its a group work, with great expectations. its always an unforgettable moment when someone successfully put the ballon up, dressing the sky with flickering lights as in a starry night. around midnight, the fireworks over the bridge “d.luís” marks the  highest momentum of the night. from that, the tradition says that you should walk along the river “douro” until the coast. not so easy to do after some drinks, but you should try it once in your life. i waited one long hour for you and I would wait a year. say: should i wait some more, or won’t you could not love …

A chapel of love

located by the south shore of “lagoa das furnas” you can find the amazing neo-gothic chapel of our lady of the victories. built on basalt, tuff and stained glass windows, the chapel emerges in the limit between the lake and the dense green forest; always involved in great mystery, as the brume in the island. it was an order of “josé do canto”, a local and important gentleman-farmer, in the 19th century, following a severe illness of his beloved wife. she unavoidably died and was buried there. later after his dead and by his wish, “josé do canto” was buried in the chapel next to his wife. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Route of Tea Gorreana

starting at gorreana tea factory (s.miguel, azores) this trail that you can easily do in 2/3 hours along 6km throught tea plantations, pastureland and japanese red cedars is a striking route reflecting not only the green but also the relation of men in exploring the richness of the earth to cultivate tea and feed cattle. at the end of the trail you arrive to “casa do mirante”, a ruined house, from which you get a superb view over the north coast of the island. time to go down, and try a tea at the factory to restore strength to continue exploring s.miguel. s.miguel, azores | may 2015