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Joanna Newsom – Divers

joanna newsom is unquestionably one of the most beautiful voices we have heard. we saw her for the first time at casa da música at porto, and the instant impression was a fragile figure on a stage with a huge white harp. she sang, and sang, and sang. such a crystal voice, a delicate touch and a powerful presence. divers is an 2015 album, full of amazing tracks like “divers”; “sapokanikan”; “leaving the city”; and the most beautiful song of the album “time, as a symptom” “hardly seen, hardly felt– deep down where your fight is waiting down ’till the light in your eyes is fading: joy of life where i know that you can yield, when it comes down to it; bow like the field when the wind combs through it: joy of life and every little gust that chances through will dance in the dust of me and you with joy-of-life and in our perfect secret-keeping: one ear of corn n silent, reaping joy of life” divers, joanna newsom 2015